Vacation in Key West, Florida

crystal lee jedynak
I recently took a much needed vacation in Key West, Florida. It had been 5 years since I technically went on a vacation, crazy huh? It was a great time! Key West is basically in its own little world.

The people watching is spectacular. It’s definitely a place for the open-minded, because you will see some “interesting” people. The best day there was when I went out on a Catamaran and spent the day snorkeling, parasailing, and jet skiing! The food was fantastic too, I was in seafood heaven with almost every restaurant having conch fritters on their menu. I love them so! I was overly excited about the rum runner that came in a pineapple. It was the drink I’ve always wanted! I even told that to the bartender, haha. Being down there make me realize how much I miss living in Florida. I long for a beach almost daily. Unfortunately, everyday isn’t a vacation though. If you ever visit Key West, tell the old guy wearing a blue thong and bow tie that I said hi.

La Concha Hotel

pineapple rum runner key west beach

crystal jedynak

key west house

 hemingway home

key west tower

conch fritters

key west parasailing

key west lighthouse

key west sunset

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