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stila cosmetics
On Sunday, I attended a Stila Cosmetics master class. The nice sales consultant at Ulta conned talked me into it. It wasn’t a bad deal, all I had to do was buy a $25 gift card, and that saved me a spot for the class.
Upon entering I signed in, and was greeted with my free gift; a Stila tote. It’s totally cheap but cute, and will be handy for carrying groceries. The cosmetic line graced a fancy table decorated with feathers and promotional signage. One of the kooky makeup artists immediately made an example out of me by complementing my eye makeup and asking me what brand I used. (Not Stila, sorryyy.) The 2 artists showed us a basic makeup look and a simple contouring technique. I have yet to try contouring. Honestly, I’m not really interested in it. Okay, I’m lying. I’d love to master it, but mornings aren’t my friend and I don’t have time for all of that. I felt like the class was mostly to talk us into purchasing (duh) Stila products. It worked, because I bought a few items. I’ve always liked the brand, but don’t find myself purchasing it as much as faves like Too Faced or Benefit. I am a fan of its recent gold packaging update, and they seem to be coming out with more innovative products.

  • I purchased a mini size of their One Step Correct. It works great with toning down the redness I have in my t-zone. I love how all the colors come out in one pump. This product makes a great base. I use a teeny tiny bit after moisturizer, then I apply a pore primer and after that I’m ready for foundation!
  • The self-adjusting custom color blush in coral is highly pigmented, has great staying power, and I just love how the color looks on my skin tone. I don’t know if it’s really *self-adjusting*, but I feel it could be a flattering shade for almost anyone.
  • The HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara is comparable to my favorite Better than Sex Mascara by Too Faced.  I feel that it provides a cleaner application, but not as dramatic of a look. I’m not really a fan of the curved brush either, but overall it’s a nice mascara and I will most likely be purchasing it again.


This is the basic makeup look I created using these products. Very minimal, but clean. I was complemented on my skin the first day I tried the look and believe me, I do not have nice skin. At 30 years old I am beginning to struggle with large pores and fine lines. The joys of becoming older. The Master Class a fun, laid back experience, and I look forward to attending more of them in the future.

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    FUN! I would love to go to something like that.

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