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Saturday Fun at Vintage Market Days

vintage market days st. louis

Today my friend Brienna and I drove to Illinois to hit up St. Louis Vintage Market Days! It’s an upscale vintage-inspired outdoor market with 100’s of vendors selling antiques, handmade pieces, furniture, jewelry, and more! I love everything vintage, and I especially love handmade items, so I knew I had to go when I found out about it a couple months ago. I texted Brienna and told her to wear something cute because we’d be taking pictures! Apparently we accomplished the looking cute part because about a dozen of people complimented us on our outfits and told us we “looked the part”.

At the market the pieces that stuck out to me the most was the repainted and distressed vintage furniture. It was shabby chic at its finest! Brienna made a comment that it would be the ideal place to go to decorate a new home. One collection that I wanted something from, but was pinching pennies was the fringe hobo bags by Pairabelles. You can see from the photo below how delicate and beautiful the bags were. I took the vendors business card, so hopefully in the future I can buy one directly from their store. Christmas is coming soon…Mom, are you reading this blog?

We roamed around the market for about an hour or so, then I started to have a craving for lunch. I didn’t want to wait in the food truck lines, so we decided to leave and find a cozy restaurant. Brienna and I are somewhat foodies, and I told her about seeing Cleveland-Heath often in the local food magazine, so we stopped there for some classy comfort food. I ordered their hearty, yet very messy cheeseburger. I know I’ve been complaining about my weight lately, but I did miss National Cheeseburger Day this past week, so…that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it! What I don’t have an excuse for is the Pumpkin Cheesecake in a jar that I ordered for dessert. It was in a jar! That even sounds cute. It was light, not like most cheesecakes and very delicious!

It was a day fun-filled day complete with laughter, no buyer’s remorse, and my randomness — “Let’s go take photos down this hilly country road!”

Get ready for some photos.


These little  crowns would be adorable around a pillar candle.

These little crowns would be adorable around a pillar candle.

handmade vintage stem vase

An interesting stem vase.

vintage dresser

st. louis vintage market days

Left: Brienna looking at the pretty handmade hobo bags; Right: Melissa, the creative owner of Villa Design

st louis vintage market days

License plate keychains!

st louis vintage market days

Letter books. These seemed like a big hit.

keychain necklaces

handmade chandelier

Wouldn’t this unique chandelier look amazing over an outdoor patio?

handmade jewelry


ootd crystal lee

My outfit of the day. I love kimonos.

Just strolling down this road in the middle of nowhere. Bye.

Just strolling down this road in the middle of nowhere. Bye.

boho fashion

It’s a style showdown!

boho chic

There was this awkward space between us, so I added the text. LOL I think I may be asleep as well.

cleveland heath burger

The scrumptious burger I ate for lunch.

cleveland heath pumpkin cheesecake

See, I told you it was cute..

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