Lately I’ve been really trying to get into the Christmas mood. For whatever reason I haven’t been feelin’ it yet this year. Music usually helps me get there. It’s probably one of my favorite things about the holiday. There’s just so many different artists that have contributed to holiday music — I love all the different genres, and billion remixes. I’ve created this interesting Christmas playlist, I figured these songs don’t get played as often.

Christmas Musics by Crystal on Grooveshark


Small Business Saturday

In honor of Small Business Saturday, I decided to wander around The Loop in St. Louis to check out some of the local shops. The only things I ended up purchasing was lunch and a small trinket for the boyfriend, but I did take a lot of photos, which was basically my biggest goal because I’m slowly overcoming my fear of snapping shots in public.

My first stop was Pheonix Rising. It’s a fun little shop with a nice case of jewelry, and humorous novelty items. It’s where I bought the “Maybe you touched your genitals” hand soap that I stuck in the gents bathroom at work. After I was done annoying the staff with my picture-taking, I stopped into Star Clipper, which is the best comic book store in the city. I’m not really into comics, but they also carry Uglydolls, Squishables (I want the narwhal!) and a decent amount of blindbox toys.

For lunch I was pumped to finally try Cheese-ology Macaroni & cheese. I ended up getting the buffalo chicken mac — everyone who knows me will tell you that I love anything buffalo flavored! ‘Twas good stuff, but it was even better when I reheated the leftovers a couple of hours later.

All in all, I think I did my fair share in supporting the little guys today! One of the things I love about shopping small is the experience. The stores are usually cleaner, uniquely decorated, and the staff actually engages you!

bacon ornaments










starclipper Totoro

starclipper uglydolls