Lime Green Nail Polish for Summer

lime green nail polish
You can never have enough nail polish. True statement. Even though I think nail painting is a tedious task, I always find myself drawn to the array of nail colors when I visit the drugstore.

I had my eye on Essie’s “Chillato” for sometime, and finally picked it up the other day at Ulta. It’s a fabulous pale yellow-green shade. It’s more “office friendly” because it’s not neon like other lime green shades. When I went to put the polish away in the shoebox I store them in, I noticed I have two similar shades. One is Nicole by OPI’s “Lay it on the lime” and the other is Topshop’s “Keep me sweet”. (Don’t polishes have such fun names?) I realized I am currently crushing on lime green nails. It really is a great Summer shade. I scored the other polishes on the cheap. When you go to discount stores, such as Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, don’t forget to browse their nail polish selection. I’ve been getting a lot of my polishes there lately, including this Nicole polish. It’s a lot brighter than the Essie shade, and much more green. I like wearing on my toes after I’ve been freshly spray tanned. It makes my nails pop! I found the Topshop shade in the store’s clearance bin when I was in Chicago. It was only $2. I find the Topshop polish to chip more quickly, but I can’t get enough of the cute bottle. Out of these three shades, I like this one the least, it’s more of a dirty yellow. The photos below don’t do the colors justice. I definitely need to get some better lighting up in here! Out of the three shades, Essie definitely wins. It’s glides on smooth, and is the perfect subtle pale lime green. What nail polish shades are you currently crushing on?

lime green nail polish
essie chillato
nicole essie topshop nail polish

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