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Le Macaron

le macaron

French Macarons are the world’s prettiest cookie. I can’t believe a lot of people I’ve talk to still haven’t tried them! They’re so delicious with their light & airy texture. I’ve gotten them from a few different places, but Le Macaron in Sarasota, FL will about be my favorite. Besides their 18 different flavors of macarons, they also carry Norman Love chocolates and have a gelato bar. Out of all the macarons flavors, my favorites were lemon and raspberry. The cookie part has that delicate almond flavor, so the tartness is needed to sweeten them up! The next time I visit my 2nd home (Florida), Le Macaron will be high on my to-do list. In the meantime, I’ll deal with the ones from the local bakery here in town. Who knows, maybe I’ll build up the courage and attempt to make my own.

le macaron florida

le macaron


le macaron

norman love

le macaron box

le macarons box

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