I Love Lush Valentine’s Day

lush unicorn horn

Thanks to the winter, I have been dealing with dry, chapped lips lately, and after seeing Lush had an adorable lip scrub for Valentine’s Day, I hit up the store at the mall. I got a few things from the new range. I love unicorns so I couldn’t pass on the unicorn horn bubble bar. I don’t know when I’ll actually use it because I don’t take a lot of baths, but it is super cute. See above. It makes a great photo prop too.

lush valentines day

The kiss lip scrub is decent. It smells like tropical punch Kool-Aid and I totally want to eat it. As for its lip softening benefits I’d grade it a B. It’s on the dry side when it should have a wetter consistency to adhere better. When I use it, most of the product falls into the sink. It is fun to lick off, and tastes yummy.

lush kiss lip scrub

The kiss lip gloss is great to apply after using the scrub. It smells the same too! I’m wearing it in the top photo, and as you can see the color is a shimmery light pink. If your looking for the color that’s pictured on the Lush website you’ll be disappointed. This would be a good one to apply over lipstick to add more shine. It’s definitely moisturizing and leaves my lips feeling soft. Pucker up!

I’m very happy with my this Lush haul. I need to make it a priority to shop with them more often. I’m always drawn to the bath bombs, so I see more baths in my future. I took one the other day, probably the first one I’ve had in over a year! We all need to take more time for simple, relaxing things in life.. That and apartment bathtubs suck.

lush kiss lip gloss

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