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Saturday Fun at Vintage Market Days

vintage market days st. louis

Today my friend Brienna and I drove to Illinois to hit up St. Louis Vintage Market Days! It’s an upscale vintage-inspired outdoor market with 100’s of vendors selling antiques, handmade pieces, furniture, jewelry, and more! I love everything vintage, and I especially love handmade items, so I knew I had to go when I found out about it a couple months ago. I texted Brienna and told her to wear something cute because we’d be taking pictures! Apparently we accomplished the looking cute part because about a dozen of people complimented us on our outfits and told us we “looked the part”.

At the market the pieces that stuck out to me the most was the repainted and distressed vintage furniture. It was shabby chic at its finest! Brienna made a comment that it would be the ideal place to go to decorate a new home. One collection that I wanted something from, but was pinching pennies was the fringe hobo bags by Pairabelles. You can see from the photo below how delicate and beautiful the bags were. I took the vendors business card, so hopefully in the future I can buy one directly from their store. Christmas is coming soon…Mom, are you reading this blog?

We roamed around the market for about an hour or so, then I started to have a craving for lunch. I didn’t want to wait in the food truck lines, so we decided to leave and find a cozy restaurant. Brienna and I are somewhat foodies, and I told her about seeing Cleveland-Heath often in the local food magazine, so we stopped there for some classy comfort food. I ordered their hearty, yet very messy cheeseburger. I know I’ve been complaining about my weight lately, but I did miss National Cheeseburger Day this past week, so…that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it! What I don’t have an excuse for is the Pumpkin Cheesecake in a jar that I ordered for dessert. It was in a jar! That even sounds cute. It was light, not like most cheesecakes and very delicious!

It was a day fun-filled day complete with laughter, no buyer’s remorse, and my randomness — “Let’s go take photos down this hilly country road!”

Get ready for some photos.

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Brunch at Melt

One of my favorite spots to grab brunch in St. Louis is a cozy little eclectic spot on Cherokee St. called Melt. They specialize in lavish waffles with loads of toppings, and drinks with funky names. I’m not even a huge “waffle person”, but everything I’ve tried on their menu is delicious. This past Sunday when I stopped in for brunch, I tried the Elvis waffle. It is cooked with bacon inside, then topped with peanut butter, bananas, chocolate sauce and blueberry coulis. It’s more of a dessert than a meal option, but it was oh-so-good and very rich, so I could only eat half of it. I washed it down with a foamy latte. They have an impressive drink menu with an abundant list of hard drinks, smoothies and hot drinks that make it a prime “hair of the dog” location. While the food and drinks are amazing at Melt, it’s the décor that gives it a unique vibe. When you walk in, you may catch your head spinning from all the things there is to look at— from hanging fabric garland—to arcade games and painted furniture! I especially love the yellow 1970’s comfy couch with a pile of afghans on it. See, even your grandma would love this place!

melt stl

melt elvis

melt menu

melt st louis



melt st louis

melt st louis

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The 63 Diner

One Saturday afternoon, I decided to take a mini road trip to Columbia, MO. I hadn’t been there in over 2 years, and as long as I have music in my car, I can drive for hours! When I arrived in town, I hit up The 63 Diner for a bite to eat. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a thing for diners. They’re cheap, casual, nostalgic, and I’m sucker for fried foods! If calories were no object, I’d probably eat them everyday. The 63 Diner is full of kitschy 1950’s decor, and makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Even the waitresses were dressed for the decade! The food was good, and exactly what you’d expect from any greasy spoon. I ordered the chili-cheeseburger, but dessert was the highlight of my meal, which was the peanut butter pie. It had peanut butter, chocolate, custard, whipped topping, and Butterfinger pieces—oh my god!! I was “full” from my burger and still managed to eat half of it. I wish they would have given me the recipe! I will definitely be visiting the 63 diner again. I’ll have to try the breakfast next time!

Photo time!

the 63 diner sign

50's dress cadillac diner

the 63 diner

the 63 dinerthe 63 diner milkshake

63 diner elvis

63 diner

63 diner

63 diner

the 63 diner pies

63 diner pie

63 diner burger

diner1550's dress

Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Target | Bag: Nine West

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Le Macaron

le macaron

French Macarons are the world’s prettiest cookie. I can’t believe a lot of people I’ve talk to still haven’t tried them! They’re so delicious with their light & airy texture. I’ve gotten them from a few different places, but Le Macaron in Sarasota, FL will about be my favorite. Besides their 18 different flavors of macarons, they also carry Norman Love chocolates and have a gelato bar. Out of all the macarons flavors, my favorites were lemon and raspberry. The cookie part has that delicate almond flavor, so the tartness is needed to sweeten them up! The next time I visit my 2nd home (Florida), Le Macaron will be high on my to-do list. In the meantime, I’ll deal with the ones from the local bakery here in town. Who knows, maybe I’ll build up the courage and attempt to make my own.

le macaron florida

le macaron


le macaron

norman love

le macaron box

le macarons box