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Red Lips + Nude Nails with Proenza Schouler x MAC

Proenza Schouler MAC

mac mangrove

Whoa! That’s a little too close to my face for comfort. I just wanted to show off my recent purchases from the Proenza Schouler x MAC collection, and my poor ability at putting on red lipstick. It’s been awhile since I’ve bought any limited edition products from MAC, mostly because nothing has “wowed” me, until I saw this collaboration. The gradient packaging is beautiful. I’m a total packaging junkie if anyone doesn’t already know. I really wanted the ombre blush from the collection, but settled with a nail polish and lipstick. Red lips and nude nails go fabulously together! I’m not totally in love with a nude nail, but I love how it appears to elongate the fingers. I know I’ll like the shade better once I get some sun on my pale skin. The lipstick is an matte orange-red, which I love. I really only try to save red lipsticks for special occasions. I can’t see myself wearing this one to work or anything. I have very full lips to begin with, and sometimes I think reds make them look over the top. I would use this shade to pull off the perfect pin-up look! I’m very happy with these products, I am looking forward to more fun limited edition collections from MAC in the future. Can’t they do a Heatherette #2?!

Proenza Schouler mac Thimbleweed

MAC Thimbleweed

mac mangrove mac thimbleweed